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Kasey Michaels is the New York Times Bestselling Author of over 110 books.
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Like Regency Romance?
You'll receive Moonlight Masquerade, A Kasey Michaels Alphabet Regency Romance

A beautiful young miss and her aunt are stranded in a snowstorm and left to the mercies of a nearby landowner who refuses to show himself to his uninvited guests. But, really, that just makes him more interesting...

"Ms. Michaels capacity to entertertain is superlative." -- Amazon Reviewer

"Kasey Micheals doesn't disappoint." -- Amazon Reviewer
Stuck in Shangri-La
Like Contemporary Romance?
You'll receive Stuck in Shangri-La, Book One in The Trouble With Men Series

Two ex-lovers are forced to co-inhabit the same house for one month to satisfy a relative’s last will. Throw in the heroine’s now ghostly Uncle Horry, a talking black cat named Lucky, and a possibly homicidal housekeeper, and find out if true love ever had a bumpier ride on its way to happily ever after.

"A lighthearted romance that will leave the reader smiling." -- Booklist

"I cannot recommend this hilarious romp highly enough!" -- Amazon Reviewer

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Get Your Two Free Books

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